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Downtown Campus
Phone Numbers:
214-860-2689 (Fax)
214-860-2694 (Fax)
Arts and Sciences
Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Allen, Benja214-860-2394
Anthony, Michael214-860-2350
Armstrong, Barbara214-860-2085
Armstrong, DeanProgram Administrator - Theater214-860-2254
Bates, Barry214-860-2375
Buford, VickiAdmin Asst. (C340)214-860-2337
Carlson, Brenda214-860-2344
Deng, Taihe214-860-2643
DesPlas, Rosemary214-860-2436
Fields, Nancy214-860-2429
Graham, Robin214-860-2268
Hernandez, Omar (Edmundo)214-860-2343
Jones, Jerry214-860-2341
Key, Delores214-860-2349
Lab, Chemistry214-860-2382
McClanahan, JanetAdmin. Asst. II (A546) 214-860-2392
McGough, Adam214-860-2393
Michele, Gay214-860-2152
Morris, GregExecutive Dean, Arts and Sciences214-860-2391
Oppel, Marissa214-860-2383
Posey, Pamela214-860-2055
Rawlinson, EddyAssociate Instructional Dean, Arts & Sciences214-860-2404
Shaver, Paul214-860-2445
Stall, Beth214-860-2374
Talbot, Rise214-860-2353
Thames, Mark214-860-2697
Underwood, William214-860-2338
Weston, Melissa214-860-2400

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