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Arts / Sciences

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Abderrahman, Sanan Coordinator/Faculty (Physics)214-860-2709
Agbasi, Victor Senior Lab Coordinator (Chemistry)214-860-2421
Allen, Benja Faculty (Biology)214-860-2394
Anthony, Michael Faculty (Fashion Design)214-860-2350
Armstrong, Dean  ADMCoordinator/Faculty (Drama/Humanities)214-860-2254
Bates, Barry Faculty (Biology/Coordinator)214-860-2375
Borvak, Jozef Faculty (Chemistry)214-860-2186
Brown, Cynthia Faculty (Government)214-860-2310
Buford, Vicki Admin Asst. (C340)214-860-2337
Cantrell, Jason Coordinator/Faculty (Architecture)214-860-2713
Carlson, Brenda Coordinator/Faculty (Fashion Design)214-860-2344
Carter, William Faculty214-860-2312
Chrietzberg, Annie Faculty (Art)214-860-2018
Copeland, Roger Faculty (Counselor)214-860-2080
Deng, Taihe Faculty (Chemistry/Coordinator)214-860-2643
DesPlas, Rosemary Faculty (Art)214-860-2436
Fields, Nancy Faculty (Geology/Environmental/Coordinator)214-860-2429
Garrett, Randall Art Gallery Director214-860-2115
Graham, Robin Faculty (Biology)214-860-2268
Gray, Lauren Instructional Assistant (Art)214-860-2085
Hernandez, Omar (Edmundo) Coordinator/Faculty (Art)214-860-2343
Howard, Rahime-Malik Faculty (Coordinator)214-860-2736
Jones, Jerry Coordinator/Faculty (Music)214-860-2341
Kaur, Karin Faculty (Science)214-860-2320
McCauley, Steven Faculty (Geology)214-860-2398
McClanahan, Janet Admin. Asst. II (A546) 214-860-2392
McGough, Adam Faculty (Conflict Management)214-860-2393
Michele, Gay Faculty (Government/Coordinator)214-860-2152
Morris, Greg  ADMExecutive Dean, Arts and Sciences214-860-2391
Ogbeide, Mike Faculty (History/Coordinator)214-860-2055
Oppel, Marissa Instructional Associate (Biology/ SCIT)214-860-2383
Salle, Bethan  Faculty (Geology)214-860-2734
Shaver, Paul Faculty (Physical Education)214-860-2445
Snavely, Samantha Faculty (Biology)214-860-2381
Stall, Beth Faculty (Biology)214-860-2374
Talbot, Rise Coordinator/Faculty (Interior Design)214-860-2353
Taylor, Vanessa Faculty (Drama)214-860-2443
Thames, Mark Faculty (Philosophy/Religion)214-860-2697
Underwood, William Faculty (Interior Design)214-860-2338
Watson, Rebekkah  Faculty (Biology/SCIT)214-860-2743
Weltman, Ilana Faculty (History)214-860-2373
Weston, Melissa Faculty (Psychology/Coordinator)214-860-2400
ADM = College Administrator

Department Location

Phone Numbers

214-860-2382 (Chemistry Lab)
214-860-2689 (Fax)
214-860-2694 (Fax)