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Administration Office

Employee NamePosition TitlePhone
Adames, José  ADMCollege President214-860-2010
Barrientos, David  ADMAssistant to Vice President/Title V Director214-860-2005
Crawford, Chemene  ADMVice President, Student Success and Enrollment Management214-860-2170
Evans, Kim Sr. Administrative Assistant, VP Student Services214-860-2170
Flemming, Sondra  ADMVice President, Community and Economic Development214-860-2146
Keller, Ida College President Administrative Assistant214-860-2010
Lopez, Maggie Sr. Administrative Assistant, VP Business Services214-860-2015
McClanahan, Janet Sr. Administrative Assistant, VP Academic Affairs214-860-2677
Morales, Margarita Room Coordinator214-860-2772
Morris, Greg  ADMVice President, Academic Affairs214-860-2019
Pharr, Helen Sr. Administrative Assistant, VP Community & Economic Development214-860-2146
Reece, Lenora   ADMActing Vice President of Business Services214-860-2700
ADM = College Administrator

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Phone Numbers

214-860-2335 (Fax)