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Urban League Computer Training

Program Description

On May 1, 2000 El Centro College and the Dallas Urban League formed a partnership to create and offer computer courses for the Oak Cliff community. Over 2,500 students have enrolled, been trained and completed one or more of the courses.

Students are awarded 3.0 Continuing Education Units (CEU) from El Centro College for successful completion of each of the five (5) courses, which are Intro To PC, EXCEL, WORD, PowerPoint and ACCESS.

Each student has a personal reason for taking the courses. They may want to acquire new skills for employment, improve skills for job advancement or for personal enrichment.

Although each course is offered in a group setting, each student receives individual attention to achieve the course’s and their own objectives.
Rubric Number Course Name Clock Hours
ITSC 1012 Intro to PC 30
ITSW 1022 EXCEL 30
POFI 1003 WORD 30
ITSC 1004 PowerPoint 30
When can I start? Flexible entry/exit.
Call 214 915-4670 for more information.

Registration Information

Travel to the Dallas Urban League, enter the Training Center entrance, ask the receptionist for and complete a Computer Training Application and return the completed application to the receptionist.

The Dallas Urban League is located at 4315 S. Lancaster Rd., Dallas, TX 75216, near the intersection of Ann Arbor and Lancaster Roads, across Lancaster Road from the large VA Hospital parking lot.

The Urban League’s policy for these courses is, “First Come, First Served”. Because of the popularity of the Computer Courses, it may take two-to-three months before one is contacted to begin their requested course. However, all applicants will be served.

Course Entry

All are WELCOME! There are no pre-conditions for enrollment... just patience through the registration process. Our students come for computer courses from throughout Dallas County. Therefore, YOU ARE INVITED and remember this...


For more information on the Dallas Urban League
Computer Training, please call 214 915-4670

Program Spotlight

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