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Next Step

Next Step classes are specifically designed for students with development disabilities. Courses are intended to prepare students for work by teaching interpersonal skills, basic work-related academic and computer skills, and work readiness skills, such as how to get and keep a job. Classes span two-semester periods and have been shown to greatly improve work readiness and basic job skills.

The Next Step program provides training in socially appropriate behavior skills, daily living skills, effective com-munication skills, problem solving, work traits/work ethics, and conflict resolution/anger management.
Rubric Number Course Name Contact Hours Cost
POFT 1013 Workforce Skills 96 $500
POFT 1020 Job Search and Employment Skills 40 $250
PSYT 1013 Personal Social Adjustment
48 $350
Total $1,100
When can I start? Courses start each semester! Call 214-860-5940 for details.
Who pays for the training? Financial assistance is available through a variety of sources!

Course Description

Student eligibility is determined after an interview with the program director. Generally, students take all courses offered in the program. Exceptions may be made based on recommendation by the program director and in accordance to their individual needs.

For more information on the Next Step program please call 214-860-5940.

Program Spotlight

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