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Assessment Center

Your assessment requirements can be met at El Centro's Assessment Center. We are here to service students and faculty.

We are located in the basement of A building in room A067.

The Assessment Center provides a wide range of services including:
  • Placement Testing
  • Instructional Testing
  • Teacher Certification Exams
  • Diagnostic Testing
  • Distance Learning online Testing
  • CLEP
  • Dual Credit Testing
  • TSI Testing

TSI Testing

The Assessment Center is a closed center. We only test those people who are enrolled or are about to enroll in El Centro College.

The following link is a Power Point presentation. To view this file without Power Point, please download the PowerPoint Viewer 2007.

Path Finders Early Intervention Program


Walk-ins are welcomed for Assessment testing, provided that there are available testing stations. We prefer that appointments are made and kept. We operate in a quiet, user-friendly environment. All staff members are well-trained, friendly and eager to assist you.

The last test is given out 90 minutes before closing time - plan ahead!

Please do not hesitate to contact us for further inquiry.