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Mission Statement

The H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery seeks to showcase local, regional and national artists working in a variety of media as well as host exhibits traveling nationally. Exhibitions will enhance the education and experience of the students, faculty, staff and community at large. Lectures, workshops, and other events will accompany each exhibit to engage the public in the understanding of art.
The Arts and Sciences Division at El Centro College presents:

"The End"

June 6 - July 3, 2014

H. Paxton Moore Fine Art Gallery

Friday 6/6 6-8 pm

The Arts and Sciences Division at El Centro College presents “The End”, a group exhibition featuring work by
Dwayne Carter
Luke Harnden
Thor Johnson
Pierre Krause
Clay Stinnett
Pedro Vélez
Dwayne Carter - Ride of Discord (2014) Dwayne Carter
"Ride of Discord" (2014)
An exhibition focusing on the theme of endings, as artists look at life and death, relationships, and the apocalypse. A selection of work in a variety of media, including painting, sculpture, photography, and video will be presented.
Dwayne Carter’s small framed works in oil and graphite serve as studies for his finished digital prints, which are then incorporated into his thematic graphic novel projects. “Ride of Discord” (2014) (attached) is a pencil and oil sketch that was featured in his graphic novel, “Collective Madness”.
Luke Harnden appropriates photographs of outdated and obsolete personal mementoes and technological artifacts, which he then prints onto canvases and alters through painting. Evoking both memory and loss, there is a distancing and sense of loss that pervades the otherwise objective imagery.
Thor Johnson’s sculptural totems, such as “Trigger Warning Alpha” (2014) (attached), mix hand carved or modeled figurative studies with objects that evoke both personal and collective violence. Iconographical threads in his work make connections between otherwise disparate materials, such as paperback books, a broken cellphone, and dollar bills.
Pierre Krause re-edits vintage video infomercials, to foreground their cultural subjectivity, adding dark abstract soundtracks, enhancing their strangeness and foregrounding the artist’s own perceptions. “Sleep + Death II” (2014) is a new video piece that will be debuted at this show. It can also be viewed here: http://youtu.be/ZRk-99QfTr4 .
Clay Stinnett makes odd paintings and works on paper that hover between the realm of graphic poster and religious icon. His psychedelic tinged painting of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, on a flattened out bag of dry dog food connects the dots between these two representational worlds.
Puerto Rican native and Chicago/Milwaukee artist Pedro Vélez, a participant in this year’s Whitney Biennial, will show an older selection of photo studies, “Girlfriend Glare” (2003). In these photos, made with a snapshot aesthetic, the artist uses a stand-in, Miss Puerto Rico, for his girlfriend at the time, revealing both the universality and also artificiality of a group of images that reads as deeply personal.
Participating artist Thor Johnson will play perform a didgeridoo sound set as a part of the opening reception on Friday evening June 6th.

For more information, please contact gallery director Randall Garrett.

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