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Admissions and Enrollment
Frequently Asked Questions

Graduation Ceremonies:

What are the dates for the spring 2011 graduation ceremonies?

Who is eligible to walk in the ceremony?

When will I receive detailed information regarding the ceremony?

What time is the graduation ceremony and how long does it last?

Where is the ceremony held?

Will there be a graduation ceremony rehearsal?

What about graduation gowns? Is there a cost? When and where do I get mine? Can I keep it?

What do I need to do to be able to participate in the Spring 2011 graduation ceremony?

How many people can I bring?

How can I obtain an "Official" Degree Plan?

Where can I get the form to apply for a degree or certificate?

What if I have not completed the above steps or submitted my paperwork by the deadline?

Cap and Gown:

How should my cap be worn?

How do I tell the front from the back of the cap?

Should the cap be removed anytime during the graduation ceremony?

How do I wear the tassel?

How do I take care of my gown?

What should I wear underneath the gown?