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Our Initiatives

El Centro College’s Achieving the Dream Initiative consists of three overarching themes:

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    1.  Launch a 2nd year experience-building on success of the first year experience.
    2.  Embed On Course concepts into all aspects of faculty and staff professional development
    3.  Integrate project-based learning in gateway disciplines
    4.  Launch a comprehensive Men of Distinction Male Success Initiative

    Key Activities

    New Student On-Boarding Process Improvements

    1.  Re-brand New Student Orientation with enhanced success efforts
    2.  Build applicant to registrant strategies that improve conversion

    Student Completion Process Improvements

    1.  Develop five (5) block scheduling programs in IT, Culinary, Paralegal, and two accounting programs
    2.  Audit of general education core offerings for improve scheduling efficiencies
    3.  Redesign developmental education assessment procedures to enhance college readiness

    Key Activities

    Self-Directed Pathway Development
    1.  Exhaustive inventory of all existing programs and current pathway/articulation agreements
    2.  Launch degree templates for AA and AS with full-time, part-time, and online pathway options
    3.  Design prescribed degree plans with select meta-major options

    Streamlined developmental to college readiness pathways
    1.  Course alignment for AEL, developmental education and English/Math gateways
    2.  Contextualize development education through project-based learning
    3.  Expand summer bridge programs in developmental education
    4.  Develop alternative math pathways for quicker credential attainment.
For a more detailed look at these initiatives, timelines, and proposed outcomes, view: