Membership dues are $5.00 for the academic school year and are paid at the time of membership application. PRINT Form or ONLINE form


No academic probation | No blocks preventing them from enrolling in college as a student.

Individual must be currently enrolled in at least 3 credit hours or in the equivalent CEU's at El Centro College.


Any person not currently enrolled at El Centro

May attend meetings, may be required to pay a fee per meeting and to attend certain functions.

Any person not currently enrolled at El Centro, including other persons associated with college.


  1. 1. Submit your online COMPLETED application.
  2. 2. Take printed copy of application to Cashier's Office
  3. 3. Pay $5.00 Membership fee-(please return a copy of receipt to Advisor or any club officer for Membership Records.

Once your membership is recorded you will be able to see information in Ecampus.


  • Don Bittinger Sponsor for the Information Technology Society
  • Linda SavageSponsor for the Information Technology Society
  • Officers

  • President -Trina Price-"It has been a great year to learn and grow in the I. T. field.""Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”--Jonathan Swift
    "Some people want IT to happen, some wish IT would happen, others make IT happen".--Michael Jordan (basketball player)
  • Vice President 2010-2011Vice President- Jose Baro
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