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The Speech Communication program at El Centro College provides students with an opportunity to improve skills in human communication. We offer courses designed to improve quality of lives as students understand various concepts and master certain skills.

Program Information

Various Speech Communication courses offered at El Centro College allow students to:

  • understand the elements involved in the communication process.
  • understand the perceptual process and what it means for effective communication.
  • improve listening skills.
  • understand the social, political, and economic impact of one's verbal communication skills.
  • improve enunciation and diction.
  • manage speech anxiety.
  • understand the significance of nonverbal public speeches.
  • understand how to prepare and deliver public speeches.
  • understand various methods of organizing a presentation.
  • understand the various modes of delivery and the appropriateness of each.
  • develop and use presentational aids.
  • discuss theories and concepts that influence the development of and success of relationships.
  • improve skills in conflict management.
  • determine how multicultural difference impacts communication.
  • discuss the influence of gender on communication.
  • understand purposes and characteristics of a small group.
  • participate as a productive member of a team.
  • understand different leadership styles.
  • understand the stages of the professional job interview.

conducting a mock interview

  • improve interviewing skills.
  • write a resume, cover letter, and thank you note.
  • search the job market.
  • understand the concept of corporate culture and climate.
  • understand organizational power and politics.
  • recognize sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • employ formal and informal strategies for managing sexual harassment and discrimination.
  • understand crisis communication strategies.
  • network within your professional field while gaining academic credit.

To determine which class or classes will provide you with the skills you seek, view our course descriptions or contact the Communications, Mathematics, Developmental Studies, and Teacher Preparation Division at 214-860-2247.


Karen Mongo
Coordinator & Faculty

Derrick Payne

Robin Fletcher
Adjunct Faculty

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Adjunct Faculty

Karen Mongo
Karen Mongo

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