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Human Development

Human Development Faculty

Human Development Coordinator: Lisa Theriot
Office Location: A218

The Human Development curriculum is composed of several courses that provide a theoretical and practical foundation in human growth and development across the life span. These courses are organized around different topics, including educational planning, career and life planning, interpersonal communication, personal and social growth, learning theory and study skills, and success in college. The Human Development courses offered by El Centro College at this time are HDEV 1310 (Career Exploration/Planning), HDEV 2315 (Principles and Processes of Personal and Social Growth), and HDEV 0110 (Assessment of Prior Learning).

HDEV 1310 is a 3 credit hour college-level course that introduces students to the process of career decision-making and related educational planning. Much emphasis is placed on gaining knowledge and skills necessary for success in college and in the workplace. Self-awareness and interpersonal skills are also an essential part of this course. AT EL CENTRO, THIS COURSE IS REQUIRED FOR ALL NEW-TO-COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO PLACE INTO DEVELOPMENTAL READING. IT WILL MEET THE FRESHMAN SEMINAR REQUIREMENT.

HDEV 2315 is a 3 credit hour college-level course designed to be an applied psychology and human relations course. It is an intensive theoretical and practical study of interpersonal relationships and communication skills, with special emphasis on success in college and in the workplace. AT EL CENTRO, THIS COURSE WILL MEET THE FRESHMAN SEMINAR REQUIREMENT. IT OFFERS A CHOICE FOR NEW-TO-COLLEGE STUDENTS WHO PLACE INTO COLLEGE-LEVEL COURSES. Those students may choose to enroll in HDEV 2315 OR HDEV 1310.

HDEV 0110 is a 1 credit hour course designed to assist Technical-Occupational students in documenting prior learning for the purpose of equating college credit to previous experience. Students develop a portfolio which includes a statement of educational/career goals, related non-collegiate experiences which have contributed to college-level learning, and structured documentation of such experiences. AT EL CENTRO, THIS COURSE IS RESTRICTED TO STUDENTS WHO HAVE BEEN SPECIFICALLY REFERRED BY AN INSTRUCTOR FROM THE RELATED TECHNICAL PROGRAM.

Human Development Faculty

Name Title Phone Email Room
Lisa Theriot Executive Dean, Learning Support Services in Administration & Coordinator 214-860-2263 B302
Velma Allen Counseling Associate 214-860-2068 A110
W.G. Garland Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs 214-860-2721 2nd Floor, District Office
Becky Garza Director, Admissions/Registrar 214-860-2727 A130
Sharon Grubbs Counseling Faculty 214-860-2080 C340
Jim Handy Executive Dean, Student Development & Support Services 214-860-2073 A110
Cassandra Harris Coordinator, Rising Star 214-860-2658
Shanee' Holmes Student Services Specialist, Rising Star 214-860-2728 A076
Michael Jackson Interim President 214-860-2011 A220
Joe Martinez Counseling Faculty 214-860-2396 A110
Rosalinda Minnis Counseling Faculty 214-860-2074 A442
Charlie Morgan Counseling Faculty 214-860-2077 B301
Sarah Oglesby Director, TRIO 214-860-2214 A110
Rob Roddy Adjunct Instructor 214-860-2247 A341
Suriya Sherriff-Edwards Coordinator, Health & Legal Studies Division 214-860-2269 A950
Karen Stills-Jones Coordinator, School Alliance Office 214-860-2390 A220
Al Tolentino Counseling Faculty 214-860-2291 A950
Dr. Bettie Tully Ombudsperson 214-860-2105 B302
Gregg Williams District Coordinator, Office of Transfer Services/Articulation 214-860-2185 7th Floor, District Office
Carisa Wilson-Bustillos Advisor, TRIO 214-860-2076 A110

For more information, please contact Lisa Theriot, Human Development Coordinator, at 214-860-2263 or

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