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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Exam Format?

Microsoft Certified Application Specialist certification exams are not written exams. Instead, the exams are performance-based, which means each is conducted within a "live" Microsoft Office program. Using the actual program, exam candidates are asked to perform a series of tasks to clearly demonstrate their skills. For example, Microsoft Word exam might ask a user to balance newspaper column lengths or keep text together in columns.

How long does a typical exam last?

A typical Microsoft Certified Application Specialist exam takes one hour or less. Examinees are measured on both knowledge and efficiency.

Where can I find my exam results?

Exam results are displayed as soon as the exam is completed. An official certificate is mailed to successful candidates in approximately two to three weeks.

Can I take the exam more than once?

Certification candidates may retake the same exam once without restriction on the interval between exams. Candidates who wish to retake the exam a second or subsequent time, however, must wait a minimum of seven days before retaking the exam. However, the same fee applies to each exam.

If I don't pass the exam, can I get a refund?

Refunds are not available for failing exam scores or missed exam appointments.