Computer Game Development


Looking for an exciting career opportunity that is fun? Ever wonder how computer games are created? Income from the computer gaming industry has now passed the movie entertainment industry. Many career paths are available in this new and exciting industry.

El Centro College will offer several courses in video game development which can be applied to the Web Application Development and Interactive Media Development tracks.

GAME-1394 Flash and 2D Internet Games

This course will cover 2D casual game development utilizing Adobe Flash. Game design will focus on action scripting to control graphics, sound files, and interactivity between the player and the system assets utilizing the swf format to efficiently deliver the final product through web interface.

GAME-1403 Game Design and Development

This course introduces the concepts and tools involved in video game production. Topics include game theory, concepts of leisure and play, terminology, game structure, creation of audio, 3D objects, game architecture and video games utilizing video gaming engines.

GAME-1409 Introduction to Animation Programming

This course introduces the concepts of character and environment creation, story boarding, animation structure and flow, and character animation with minimal polygons. Topics include aspects concerning 2D and 3D animation in games, creation of objects utilizing Photoshop and 3D Studio Max.

GAME-2342 Game Development using C++

This course explores code structure for game development, utilizing techniques for calling various components and external interfaces to improve interactivity with gamers and developing game components that reinforce these concepts.

Graphic Design


ARTC-1302 Photoshop I

Formerly ARTC 1317, Introduction to Photoshop CS4. Learn to develop corporate web sites using Photoshop CS4. Allow 3 additional hours/week for lab work. Concurrent CE available.

ARTC-1305 Basic Graphic Design

Preq: ARTC 1317 or ARTC 1302 or instructor consent. Further studies in designing look and feel of corporate web sites using CS4 Photoshop & Illustrator. Allow 3 additional hours/week for lab work. Concurrent CE available.

2D & 3D Animation, Video, and Sound


ARTV-1303 Basic Animation

Basic to Intermediate digital animation and multimedia interactive development using Flash CS4.

ARTV-1341 3-D Animation I

Formerly ARTC 1341. Instruction in 3-D modeling and rendering techniques using primitives to create simple or complex objects.

ARTV-1343 Digital Sound

Developing digital and audio for distribution via web sites using Pro Tools and digital audio applications.

ARTV-1345 3-D Modeling and Rendering I

Techniques of three-dimensional (3-D) modeling utilizing appropriate software. Includes the creation and modification of 3-D geometric shapes, use of a variety of rendering techniques, camera light sources, texture, and surface mapping.

ARTV-1351 Digital Video

Developing digital video for distribution via web sites using digital video applications.

ARTV-2330 2-D Animation II

Further studies in developing interactive websites using Flash CS4 with Action Scripting.

ARTV-2401 Flash I

Basic to intermediate digital animation and multimedia interactive development using Flash CS4. Allow 3 additional hours/week for lab work.

IMED-1345 Interactive Multimedia I (3)

Exploration of the use of graphics and sound to create interactive multimedia applications and/or animations using industry standard authoring software.

Web Design & Development

web deisign

IMED-1413 Web Design I

Instruction in Internet web page design and related graphic design issues including mark-up languages, web sites, Internet access software, and interactive topics.

IMED-2415 Web Design II

A study of hypertext mark-up language (HTML) and interesting layout techniques for creating engaging well designed web pages. Emphasis is on identifying the target audience and producing a web site according to physical and technical limitations, cultural appearance, and legal issues.

IMED-2311 Portfolio Development

Preparation and enhancement of portfolio to meet professional standards, development of presentation skills, and improvement of job-seeking techniques.

INEW-2320 Web Analytics

Explores web monitoring and analysis tools to improve site functionality, evaluate product and services, promotional campaigns and how to effectively personalize site content.

ITNW-1274 Managing Web Site Development Projects

This course provides an introduction to the complexities of managing Web site development projects. Students will learn cost specification, budgeting, schedule construction, negotiation, team-building, time management and status reporting skills. Legal issues like intellectual property rights, contract agreements, ethics and confidentiality will be described.

ITNW-2454 Internet-Intranet Server

Internet/Intranet server will cover the major components in configuring both IIS and Apache web servers. Topics include service configuration, user access, FTP, PHP Parsin, DB configuration for web activities and file structure configurations. Each student will configure their own local server for hands-on experience.

ITSE-2409 Database Programming

This course examines database systems that emphasizes web-based development and implementation technologies using MYSQL. The course covers data definition and modeling, database access and command languages, design and implementation in the context of the relational database model.