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Human Resources
Human Resources
Service Survey

The Human Resources Department wants to provide the best service possible, and your input will help us meet this important goal. Please take a few moments and give us your feedback on our services.

From which HR area(s) did you seeks assistance? (Please check all that apply.)
  Employment/Recruitment Process   Payroll   Benefits
  Part-time Hires   Employee Relations   Staff Development and Training
  Temporary Services   Other    

What method of communication was used to address your question/issue? (Please check all that apply.)
  Phone   EMail   Website   In-Person

Question Very
Satisfied Neutral Unsatisfied Very
1. Was your question, concern, or issue addressed and resolved satisfactorily?

If not resolved, please provide more information including how we could have resolved your issue in the "General Comments" section below.
2. Did the HR representative who assisted you satisfactorily posses the knowledge and expertise you needed?
3. Was the HR representative satisfactorily courteous and professional?
4. Did you receive assistance in a satisfactorily timely manor?
5. Overall, how satisfied were you with the service you received?
6. Overall, in your experiences with El Centro Human Resources, do you find that we are doing a good job?

7. What can we do to better serve El Centro and your individual needs?
8. Do you have any commendations or feedback about a specific HR staff member?
Please list the staff member's name and your comment here.
9. Please leave any other General Comments in the text area below.
Thank you for taking the time to submit your feedback.